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Sterling Silver Findingssterling silver wire    Best prices on Sterling Silver Wire.    Jewelry Findings at Wholesale

Black Friday Findings Going On Sale

Black Findings are IN! and they seem to be more popular than ever.

With the holidays coming up, it makes sense that they make perfect gift items for making jewelry happen.

black findings

This Friday, we'll be adding more Findings that are popular everyone seems to love.









Tucson Gem Show the Most Amazing Show on Earth

Tucson Gem ShowIn Tuson, Arizona, every year, the most amazing gem show on earth takes place.

Even as someone quoted from Yelp about the Tucson Gem Show,
"I have been to the smithsonian museum's mineral wing
and they have nothing on some of the stones you can see here."

Hundreds of Silver Findings in our Catalog

At CGM Findings, we are known for a huge selection of silver findings in our catalog and inventory.

If you are looking for any type of silver jewelry component, chances are you will find it here.

We have a huge selection of toggles and clasps. Are well known for your huge selection of silver chain by the foot at great prices.

More Jewelry Supplies. More Selection.

pave diamond wholesaleWe are adding more items almost everyday - everything from silver pave diamonds to gemstone connectors.

You'll love the new items coming in and that get updated on our website everyday.

We have some new chains coming in also, soon to be posted.

These pave diamond items haven't been posted yet, but soon to be ...




Jewelry Supplies, a Busy Season, & New Diamond Cut Chains

silver pave diamond beadsWe've added new pave diamond items and some new diamond cut chain in different finishes. Jewelry supplies made to order! These you just have to see them in person.

We are right around the corner from busy time! :-) and we're getting super busy adding new products, answering phones right before the holiday season, and gearing up for the Tucson Gem Show in the end of January.

New Featured Jewelry Supplies, Specials, & Inventory Items

This months Featured Special are silver roundels.
Certainly, another great item to have on hand to enchance so many jewelry projects.
Roundels can be for so many purposes in jewelry making that it's just hard not to keep a small selection in stock.
Choose between gold or silver and you'll find a handy use for them in the organizer trays.

wholesale silver roundels

Amazing Brass Findings Jewelry Supplies in Different Finishes

When people search for CGM Findings or purchase from us, most often they don't think of brass chain. CGM Findings is famous for our sterling silver chain by the foot at great prices, our low cost silver jewelry wire, and our wide selection of jewelry findings in different metals and types. But, we find a lot of people out there who just love brass chain since they go good with brass, pewter and "vintage" or "found object" made jewelry. People love brass charms, findings and clasps also. One of the reasons of course is they are very often inexpensive. Imit. Rhodium Plated Brass Toggle Clasps Heart 

New York Fashion Week in Full Swing

It's that time again. All bets are on at the show that starts it all off is in full swing. Flash, cut, flair and lines pose to tantilize the design world of things to come.
It's a time to reconfirm fashion brands, gain attention and admire creative fashion designs and new looks.
A time where possible future designs, lines and flows hit the retail market with target markets for fashion couture.

Tory BurchAll in all, it's a barrel full of eye candy, fun, and excitement as all the designers and fashion brands work their tail off to bring a show of clean fashon expression designed to impress.

Save Time and Money with Assembled Jewelry Supplies

Many people like HandMade and we do too.
That's why we even have many jewelry making tutorials in our Jewelry Making Helpful Hints that show you how to make your own jump rings.
Everyone has a different level of time and dedication they want to put into each jewelry piece or jewelry line they sell.

But what a lot of people don't know is that quite often there are some 'convenient' jewelry supplies that may make your life more productive and save time.

For example, we have excellent leather cords with set clasps that come complete,
ready for you to design from there, put your own charms on or make your own.

Gemstone Jewelry Supplies : Connect Your Color Inexpensively

What color are you looking to Fill?
If you are color matching or designing jewelry for color - we have the jewelry supplies for you!
We stock pages of different color gemstones connectors that close that missing gap of finding the right jewelry making part to
to complete your design idea. 

Jewelry gemstone connectors are very simple to fasten or add to multiple jewelry projects because :

- They are so easy to add to existing jewelry components.
- We have so many colors for you to choose from.
- They make jewely projects look great!
- They are very inexpensive!


New Jewelry Findings Added Online

sterling silver heartAt CGM Findings, occasionally certain items pop up for a short time that really are a good deal. One of those ways is our Featured Specials. They come up at random, usually a week apart, and are nicely reduced to become a super deal on something you could really use for the supply shelf.
We have a new Featured Special 
Sterling Silver Charm Heart 10mm On Special

At CGM Findings Our Jewelry Design Picks are Stacking up

cuff Peru 1950sOver at our CGM Findings Favorites page - Jewelry Design and admiration is Stacking Up!

If you take a look you'll find some of the most amazing admiration and collection of jewelry and jewelry design grouped together!

More Jewelry Supplies and Silver Chain

silver chain in different sizes


CGM Findings is famous for providing the jewelry industry with high quality silver and gold jewelry chain.

We have just added new silver and gold chain sizes 20, 24, and 30 inch to two of our famous satellite chains.

These chains are bright and very popular amoung our customers and because they come in all sizes,
plus look remarkable we sell a lot of those chains in different styles.

New CGM Jewelry Supplies Catalog Online

CGM Findings wholesale jewelry supplies catalog


If you are looking for wholesale jewelry supplies - we can help!

We have a new full color 90 page jewelry supply catalog.

Just recently we posted and have our new jewelry supply catalog online on our website.

You will notice it because it has a nice dark blue cover to it.

If you are looking for jewelry supplies nothing beats being able to browse our online catalog page by page.

New Arrival Silver Trilly Jewelry Chains in Different Finishes

We have some amazing new styled chains that have a set of main center rings with multiple flat curved rings inside the center ring called "Trilly." What they end up creating is a wonderful - yet loose silver, or silver finish chain, that has wonderful floating rings around the chain center. Not only is this unique and eye-catching, but they do truly look wonderfully amazing. The sterling silver chain is bright and shiny, the silver looks spectacular. The Gold over silver chain looks a wonderful tone of gold. The Rose Gold over silver chain is has a beautiful red tone. The oxidized Gun Metal over silver chain finish is great for that dark classy look. All in all, we are very excited about these chains. They not only are unique and different. But honestly, everyone in the office loves them and they really do look sparkly and amazing.

Jewelry Supply deals in Pasadena, Sept. 19th-21st!

intergem show People love the Intergem Jewelry Shows because these shows bring hundreds of key vendors to display a wonderful merchandise that you just cannot buy anywhere else. Jewelry supply at wholesale. On top of that, for those fortunate enough to be smart enought to go, the best part is attending means countless amounts of amazing deals that will keep you coming back for more. No where else, besides other major jewelry shows, can you find a nice diverse layout of different merchants, with a wide array of merchandise at rock bottom prices under one roof. If you are a jewelry maker or jewelry designer, you owe it to yourself to attend a Intergem show regularly. The benefit of super deals to those who attend is worth it.

Stock up on Jewelry Supplies at the Intergem Show in San Mateo, September 5th-7th

The InterGem show is a a Jewelry Artist's paradise. If you make, create, or design jewelry, this the perfect place to pick up huge discounts on jewelry supplies.

Access 16000 Jewelry Supplies on One Page with our SiteMap

CGM Findings SiteMapLooking for a certain jewelry supply in a hurry?
Already know what you want or what you are looking for?
CGM Findings has a convenient SiteMap page that lists all it's products and categories on one page.
It is direct access to 16000 jewelry supply products broken down by type of metal, Plus our entire line of wholesale beads.

It is very useful when you are looking for a particular set of items such as earwires, leverbacks, or jump rings.

Just choose the type of jewelry supply you are looking for, the type of metal, whether it is silver or 14k gold,

Silver Chain at Wholesale with Pyrite

pyrite silver chain wholesale

silver pyrite chainCGM now has new pyrite silver chain and also gold chain with pyrite by the foot.

Enjoy the different pyrites we now have in stock in silver and gold. Perfect for just about every jewelry project, Pyrite is just about one of our most popular items.

One fact is clear. Pyrite is just so darn popular with us here at


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